got to birch cabin - not entirely surprised to find Nstrukotr there - clearly not expecting me ! despite his solid construction he was light on his feet and it took a good ten minutes to get him under control. He wasn't happy about answering my questions but quickly realised that I could take him to the police - I after all I had identity papers and he didn't
foolishly he had part of the code on his mobile and it took a nano second to find it . . .not the brightest of guys !
Didn't use my 'gift' though I was tempted - took his mobile and left him tied up - someone'' probably come across him after the weekend.
Time to go ......



red herrings

 Sue Gollifer 

mistakes !


agent birch

have checked out all 3 piers - all designed by eugenius birch - only one fully standing. no sign of agent birch - a very clever operator but not wholly trustworthy. The puzzle is why would he be the 
link ? 


 nstruktor Lucinda_Wells Lucinda Wells 
 by agentesse

 by agentesse

instruction no. 2

INSTRUCTION NO 2 from nstruktor
@agentesse find a name that links west pier brighton, eastbourne pier and hastings pier, leads you to contact who will meet you at one of them

einstein's cafe


2 Instructions !

two instructions ? not usual protocol - a very fine gift - but why would I need it ? got a good enough view of seafront from cafe on corner of Claremont/Robertson but mostly tourists - will try to remain poised and calm with camera and beach bag

Mary Rees to @
there is something for you in a seafront bin ! near the rowing club


old swimming baths and ice rink - they were connected but not sure which is which - second photo is your spot - much depleted. traces of use, doors have padlocks which look well used. in basement found sports bag full of dollars hidden under floor plus packages of blank credit cards, - did quick recce and left promptly - surprised no one on look out 

Sarah Broome
Another unidentified location in the vicinity. Take images and update

harbour road

hitched a lift out of town, walked across nature reserve, don't think I was followed- terrain rough in places, windy and hot. 
caught sight of the 2 dark cars I saw last week - creeping along Royal Military Road - skirted round fields and sprinted wildly to camber castle - waited an hour then wove my way down to harbour road. found hideout easily enough but couple of bike riders were not so nonchalantly reading a map near by - headed for the church. hit the hideout around lunchtime and will stay put for a couple of hours.

 get out of town - hideout nr church of the holy spirit, harbour rd. you are being watched - take care 

archery road

 v. secluded, some housing near by but looked closed off. Used gun sites to check movement in upper window ! probably a pigeon but made fast inspection of site, on all sides, then shot off. 

 by agentesse

@ a place from the past, on the road of the archer. . 

- agentess found string of beach huts a mile long ! glimpsed woman in yellow as I got off train - she was five metres ahead - she kept looking round suspiciously - tailed her for few hundred metres - saw her meet short man in jeans, brown hair got close enough to hear her mention gun shipment to caves, and I thought Nstruktor ! odd. . . 


 erin sleeper 

friday 3rd june !

Well I have the items  that the aGency  would definitely  like to see !